Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesson 10- Purple, Grey, and Striped All Over

As I have previously mentioned, our humble abode was previously a bachelor pad. To the max. Being the wonderful wife (in-training) that I am, I took on the laborious task of transforming said bachelor pad to "Newlywed Haven".

My first major project I took on was revamping the second bathroom. My inspirations were: 1)the deep purple towels and bathmats my mother bought me while I was living in my own bachelorette pad 2)the shower curtain we received as a wedding gift from my cousin A and her husband J and 3)the lovely bloggers over at Young House Love.

Supplies Needed:
*tape measure
*laser level
*paint tray
*4" roller brush
*2" angled brush w/ short handle
*painters tape at least 1" wide
*drop cloth
*1 gallon paint (Valspar- Polar Star)

1) Tape off the stripes. This is where the laser level will be your BFF--if not forever then for the next few minutes. I did 11 stripes approximately just under 9" wide--math was never my forte in school, and I figured I'd be the only one in our spare bathroom with a tape measure. I put a little piece of tape in the stripes that were staying the original paint color.

2) Paint away. The narrow roller is the easiest way to paint your stripes. From personal experience I learned the wider roller doesn't give you enough control. To get around the baseboards, fixtures, and frames, your new BFF will be the angle brush.

3) AS SOON as you're done painting, remove the tape. Again, AS SOON as you're done!!! And're de-bacholorized spare bathroom--or whatever your motivation for getting your stripe on.

I added some of my favorite photos from my year in England as cheap-o artwork above the toilet. The towels are in husband's old wine rack (we upgraded as a wedding present). The magnolia is in a vase left over from weddings centerpieces and the magnolia was purchased from Wally-World and cut down.

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