Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Closet Organizing

A couple weeks ago, I was tired of the disarray in my closet.  More specifically my side of the closet.  I wish I'd taken more pictures (I really have to get better at that!).  

Here is my side after I'd taken the mess off the top shelf.

Here's my mess on the floor...of course it's mostly shoes.

Scarves and shoes that need to be organized and put away.

Shirts that didn't make the cut for outfits laying on top of the shoes.

Purses and scarves neatly put in to homes.

Clothes nicely put away on hangers rather than on top of shoes.

No more piles on the floor.  Plus it's nicely vacuumed.

And one big bag of clothes delivered to Goodwill.  Ahh organization.  Have you been organizing anything lately?

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  1. I am very pleased you didnt show my messy side of the closet. :)


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