Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Mommy is Coming! My Mommy is Coming!

Today after work I get to go pick up my momma from the airport!  I am so excited.  Husband left this morning on a business trip, so it'll just be girl-time for a few days.

Taken at my bridal tea party
Here are few things that I plan on doing with my momma...

1)  Shopping at Fashion Square in Scottsdale
2)  Organizing our back bedroom (which is an office/craft room/blackhole)
3)  Set up a Facebook for my mom
4)  Work on a photo album from our trip to Alaska
5)  Watch "The September Issue"

I'm so excited for her visit.  And Husband will be home Friday afternoon so we can all have dinner together before Momma heads home Saturday morning.

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  1. I think you two will have a wonderful time together :) Be careful of the blackhole!!!!


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