Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(Long) Weekend Recap 7/1-7/4

I haven't done a weekend recap in a while, but I thought this long weekend would be the perfect time to start it up (and hopefully keep it up!).  We've got a mixture of camera and iPhone pics, and I think you'll get a pretty good idea of all the fun we had!

Friday was only a half day at work for me.  So we spend the afternoon at the movies seeing Transformers 3.

Saturday morning we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for some drinks and reading time.  I worked on my Bible in a Year and Husband is reading "Empire of the Rising Moon".

Husband took me to Chick-fil-a for lunch since he know I absolutely adore their sweet tea.  This was his first time eating there, so I felt it needed to be documented.

That afternoon I met up with some women from work for our monthly Bunko game.  I made cupcakes.

Sunday we headed north to Sedona.  

I found a cool antique store.  They had some fun (and weird stuff).

Then we had a picnic in the rain.  It was only drizzling, but it made me kinda cold.  I thought it was super fun and romantic.  We had sandwiches, potato salad, chips, and cupcakes.

After our picnic we headed up to Flagstaff.  We found an arts fair in a park that was fun to walk around.

Then we headed back home to 109* temperatures.  At least we escaped for a while!

Monday we went to see Larry Crowne (I forgot a picture of this one!)

That evening we grilled some hot dogs with some more leftovers.

All in all, it was a great weekend with the perfect balance of doing things and being lazy.  How was your holiday weekend?  Do anything super exciting?

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