Monday, May 31, 2010

Lessson 41- Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all had as fantastic a weekend as we did. Here's a short summary of what we did to keep ourselves busy.
* painted our master bathroom
* 'Sex and the City 2'
* shopping in Scottsdale
* 'Robin Hood'
* dinner and drinks with friends in Scottsdale
* margaritas
* 'Shrek Forever After
* 'Friends' marathon

And we accomplished all this while remembering the men and women who have selflessly given to serve our country.

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  1. What a nice surprise to see the photo of Grandpa's grave on your blog. I often wish I'd had the foresight to tell Grandpa how much I admired what he did in WWII and at such a cost to his peace of mind. He just never reconciled himself to all the bloodshed and thought war was not the way to solve problems. An individual before his time!


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