Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lesson 3-Spider Cake

Sorry this is a little late but maybe you can use it next year...

Last night we had Brady's parents and some friends over for a game night, nothing too Halloween-y, but still as fun. We dressed our dog Montana up as a lobster, fitting since our honeymoon was spent in New England/Canada just a few weeks ago.

Anyways...onto the cake. Again, I was really bad a taking pics (working on it, I promise!)

* 2 boxes Halloween funfetti cake mix
*6 eggs
*2/3 cup oil
*2 cups water
*1 can orange frosting
*1 can chocolate frosting
*1 tube white decorating icing
*1 toothpick
*2 9inch cake pans
*spider rings for extra decoration
Follow directions for the cake on the box. To make it a little healthier you can replace the oil with applesauce (again 2/3 cup). Fill cake pans half full. Bake cakes for approx. 30 min on 350 degrees. Once cakes are finished, pop out of pans, and place on cooling racks to cool completely.

I waited about an hour and a half to make sure they were completely cool (makes 'em easier to frost). Place first layer on a plate and cover with orange frosting. You just need a good layer so the two pieces stick together. Then carefully place the second cake on top.

Next, frost the entire cake with chocolate frosting.Using the tube of cookie decorating icing, start in the center of the cake a make a spiral working outwards to the edges of the cake.Then with toothpick (again starting at center of the cake) begin pulling icing outwards to make the web. Repeat all the way around the cake.
Lastly, place spider rings where ever you would like and enjoy!

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